Discover some of the world's best luxury chocolates with morecocoa's forthcoming online shop. And here's how we're doing it:

Morecocoa will be sourcing a fantastic range of products, from chocolate bars to individual chocolates. All possess the qualities you'd expect from the best suppliers, suppliers who are dedicated, passionate and expert chocolatiers.

We only buy the best, the most authentic and the tastiest; and that means no addtives or no artificial chemicals.

We share the same passion as our suppliers about what makes good chocolate. We care about the shine - a good chocolate is a glossy chocolate - we care about the content of the cocoa butter, we care about where we source our chocolate and we care, ultimately, about how they taste.

The end result will be to offer you chocolates that linger longer on the palate and taste like food fit for the gods. Coming soon. It's worth the wait!

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chocolate fountain for hire
Our chocolate fountain is for hire for weddings, private events and corporate functions, birthdays, children's parties and more.

We use a range of plain, milk and dark luxury chocolate, combining some of the world's most oustanding brands, and melt them in front of you and your guests, a stunning talking point to any celebration.

To find out more, please contact Dean Lucas on 0121 681 1892 or 07788487682